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Dec 26, 2016

Stephen Key is an idea man who calls himself a re-inventor, not an inventor. He educates people on how to license ideas for long-term, recurring revenue. He offers one-on-one coaching and courses to supplement his book, One Simple Idea. Daniel and Stephen discuss the book, strategies, and the true meaning of freedom, during today’s podcast.


Key Takeaways:

[1:18] What exactly does Stephen Key do?

[4:45] Stephen’s book, One Simple Idea, educates people on how to get paid for their creativity.

[9:51] Stephen is in full control of his creativity.

[13:16] The consistent process of proliferating bad ideas, until one good idea stands out.

[18:55] Is it possible to knock it out of the park with your first idea?

[24:17] Starting a company is working on one idea for years; with licensing you can work on multiple projects a year.

[29:11] You have to be a little bit crazy, and put your entrepreneur ego at risk.

[34:03] Your life will change, once you hit the jackpot financially, but probably for the worst.

[41:16] Rituals help keep you grounded, when you start receiving big checks.

[44:15] Having the freedom to say no, is important to Stephen.

[49:11] The beauty of nurturing growth in other people.

[53:14] Stephen has gained confidence by overcoming obstacles.


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One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others do the Work, by  Stephen Key

Spinformation Label


Dec 19, 2016

Nathan Chan is the Founder of Foundr Mag. Nathan reached out to Daniel when he was just starting out, and they have been online friends ever since.Foundr started as a monthly digital magazine on the app store. It was designed to show people what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Today, Foundr is much more than a digital or print magazine. This makes Nathan uniquely qualified to speak on this podcast about real business advice, how to stand out in a world where everybody has a brand, and how to create authority and disrupt a market, to become the greatest entrepreneur ever.


Key Takeaways:

[:43] Foundr Mag origins and purpose.

[1:54] Entrepreneurs who have disrupted an industry are interviewed and grace the cover of Foundr.

[5:24] Chan explains the difference in creating an asset based business or a cash flow lifestyle business.

[11:44] Large corporations will be buying startups that are more than personal brands.

[13:40] Foundr created their own authority and credibility to make them stand out.

[19:31] Is it cool, is everyone else doing it, and testing the channel, leads Nathan towards his next projects.

[25:59] Would Nathan Chan still start a magazine if he was just starting out today?

[27:24] To succeed, when you say you are going to do something, make sure you follow through.

[29:36] The coffee table book, Foundr Version 1.0 is a greatest hits album of entrepreneur’s stories.


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Nov 28, 2016

Daniel’s guest, Jon Levy spends most of his life convincing people to cook him dinner. Or, that’s how he explains his life’s work. Jon has recently merged his scientific research with his human experiences in a new book, The 2 AM Principle: The Science of Adventure. In the book, he breaks down his adventures into four stages, and promotes others to take predictable risks. The conversation in today’s podcast also touches on why networking is a dirty word but calling it community building will melt people’s hearts.


Key Takeaways:

[1:11] Jon Levy studies the science of influence and adventure, through a simple dining experience.

[5:58] A strong community has a positive effect on everyone in it.

[10:49] It takes a really long time to figure out something which is noteworthy.

[15:40] What does it take to be remarkable and prolific?

[21:20] Top performers enter flow state when there are no distractions.

[26:03] How Jon made his own material for his new book, The 2 AM Principle: The Science of Adventure.

[29:46] The Four Stages of Every Adventure with real life examples.

[42:41] Information Gap Theory — Curiosity is like an itch you can’t scratch.

[45:05] There is something to creating conversations based on intrigue.

[48:58] Humans get decision fatigue when they have a plethora of options.

[51:07] Limit your choices and your stuff, to make your day less stressful.

[56:22] Audience challenge — Find 5 people who can impact your side hustle, and ask them to have coffee with you.

[57:50] Do you know what causes happiness?


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@JonLevyTLB on Social Media


Oct 3, 2016

Daniel’s guest today is Evan Carmichael. Evan is a prolific content creator and host of his own YouTube channel where he interviews some of today’s top influencers and thought leaders. As part of his creative journey, Evan gathers inspiration from his guest and solicits ideas from his thousands of followers. During his conversation with Daniel, he share his thoughts on the basic rules beginners should follow to make their way into the entrepreneurial space, why entrepreneurs must have a passion and commitment for creating great content and the benefits of being original.


Key Takeaways:

[:51] A paper plane represents going against all odds and flying high.

[3:21] In the early days of his show, Evan Carmichael selfishly selected people to interview, now he lets his community choose.

[10:30] Producing constant content makes the content creator better.

[15:04] There are many different aspects to all people. Kanye, Tupac and Osho are prime examples of this. 

[19:59] Evan looked to his guests for inspiration while building his YouTube channel. 

[25:11] Growth numbers are great but it’s all about the process. Hitting one million subscribers will only drive Evan faster and farther.

[28:31] Passion projects should be driven by love and dedication — not by money.

[35:45] Will the entrepreneurship bubble burst?

[39:47] Beginners to YouTube need to put in the work and concentrate on getting better every day.

[50:00] It takes work to create original content from unoriginal sources.


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Evan Carmichael


Sep 12, 2016

Daniel’s guest, Dr. Mark Goulston is a thought leader, hostage negotiator, speaker, author and all things in between. Dr. Goulston has an ability to listen to other people from their inside out. While he is not religious, he knows he is guided by angels. Dr. Goulston’s goal is to heal the world one conversation at a time. He shares the four qualities of the best leaders, the four steps to creating ‘Gotta Have It’ and his five steps to an unsolicited apology. He stresses the importance of communication, understanding and influence.


Key Takeaways:

[1:02] Why did Dr. Goulston choose the path of the most resistance?

[6:30] An angel unlocks Dr. Goulston’s hopelessness.

[9:00] Looking through the eyes of a suicidal patient, Dr. Goulston saw the dark night of the soul.

[15:51] The Magical Paradox is influential and people need to be influenced. 

[24:44] A raw and real experience, Daniel uses the 5 steps of an unsolicited apology.

[42:27] You can’t ask someone if they have been burned before and then burn them.

[49:36] The four qualities of the best leader - being unflappable, being present, being knowledgeable and being wise.

[53:53] The four steps to creating ‘Gotta Have It’.

[1:01:25] How to find out more about Dr. Goulston and his hacks.


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To Improve Collaboration, Try an Olive Branch on Steroids by Mark Goulston


Aug 22, 2016

Mark Manson’s new book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life is due to be released on September 13th. The book is about getting back to your core values (or the few things you care about) and focusing on those instead of being frustrated by things that really aren’t important. Mark and Daniel chat about the ups and downs of being content creators, the versatility of making money online and the popularity of the New York Times subscriber model in the international marketplace.


Key Takeaways:

[2:11] Mark Manson has a zen approach to his work and is a prolific writer. He has more ideas than he has time to write.

[8:25] For long-form creative projects, like a book, save the editing and analyzing for later. Find your flow.

[15:57] Mark’s new book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, is based on his article of the same name which had over 10 million page views.

[20:13] There really is nothing new in psychology that Buddha didn’t know 2500 years ago.

[23:39] Can creatives and writers make a decent living? Will every content provider have a paywall in the future?

[31:31] New York Times pay model is quickly being adopted in international markets.

[34:36] Being successful is knowing how to leverage your good luck and how to minimize your bad luck.

[39:40] The golden age for content creators is over. The new path is meeting people at live events. 

[54:43] The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck comes out on September 13, 2016. Pre-order it now.


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Mark Manson

Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

Jun 20, 2016

Today’s guest, Timothy Sykes, became a self-made millionaire by the age of 21 through trading penny stocks. Since that time he has grown his wealth and is a full-time teacher of over 3,000 students, many of whom are becoming millionaires themselves. He and Daniel break down what it takes to find fulfillment as an entrepreneur, how focusing on your personal code of ethics is more powerful than money, and how finding balance through self-reflection and meditation can make it all worthwhile. 


Key Takeaways:

[5:45] Do whatever it takes to influence somebody in a positive direction.

[11:11] If you find what fulfills you, eventually you will make money at it.

[20:26] You have to think differently than everyone else if you want to change an industry. 

[30:28] How can young people find success earlier?

[36:34] Why are we driven to impress other people before we improve ourselves?

[40:44] Focusing on your personal truth and what you believe in is much more powerful than money.

[46:35] There is always a love/hate relationship between a master and their successful student.

[53:03] A long-term strategy is important in everything, even internet marketing.   

[1:04:20] Entrepreneurs have a hard time finding balance.


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Timothy Sykes

May 2, 2016

Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey are the entrepreneur team behind the Barefoot Wine brand. While working as business consultants for a grape grower they tasked themselves with collecting a $300,000 debt. The client ended up paying them in wine. It was from that exchange that the inspiring story of how they triumphed by using worthy cause marketing and their alternative method to traditional advertising, came to be. They now share their lessons and their experiences on how to embrace the grind and how they prepared for success on day one in their New York Times best-selling books.


Key Takeaways:

[3:09] The challenges of building and distributing a tangible product from the ground up.

[12:15] How worthy cause marketing made the brand “Barefoot Wines” the household name it is today.

[29:07] The 3 core competencies of running a business are cash flow management, personnel management, and distribution management.

[33:32] Words of wisdom for young entrepreneurs who find themselves in the grind.

[39:55] How to make a mistake “write”!

[44:09] You have to prepare for success from day one.

[51:59] Barefoot Wines was scalable and it could run independently, which is what made them a target for an acquisition. 

[54:04] An entrepreneur has a different mindset than a sole proprietor or shopkeeper.

[59:09] The hustle is real.


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Apr 25, 2016

Daniel welcomes his first ever female guest, Keziah Okonkwo. Keziah is an entrepreneur who is well on her way to bringing her vision to life. Her revolutionary natural hair product is manufactured in the USA and sold through online shops and small stores in the LA area. As the CEO of SNAPPEE, Keziah has been involved in generating ideas, the manufacturing process, marketing her product and working her margins to accommodate her supply and demand. She is now faced with moving her business to the next level.


Key Takeaways:

[1:43] How the idea for a non-damaging hair tie, the SNAPPEE, turned into a manufactured product.   

[13:36] Do you need to make millions of dollars to be considered a successful entrepreneur? 

[18:47] It’s truly a business because I have a production process, a product delivery process and margins I need to manage.

[23:15] Employing the Marsupial Method gets the word out faster and more effectively than traditional marketing methods.

[28:40] Pitching small stores is an easy, casual conversation.

[32:24] There are a couple of key elements to developing a product: 1) The idea, 2) The decision to take the action, 3) Marketing/Promoting your product


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@snappeeinc on Instagram

Google Patents

Mar 21, 2016

Jason Carter is a shining example of a student who bought the Freelance Domination course and followed the program exactly as it was designed. His successes are piling up. He says he feels like superman. He is in the process of buying his dream home, building his passive income stream and servicing his clients. Those clients were strangers until he sent a cold email, earned their trust through “free samples” and are now paying him 6 figures to build apps for their niche markets. He recommends the Freelance Domination program to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.


Key Takeaways:

[3:36] After earning a Ph.D. in computer science Jason still didn’t have confidence in himself

[5:10] Jason followed the Freelance Domination program to the letter

[7:19] We are conditioned to accept failure in certain areas but not in others

[8:35] From the cold email to earning the trust

[14:51] Professional service businesses have decision makers who are more accessible

[19:02] Doubling down in a niche market - The Marsupial Method

[22:11] Why serve one client when you can serve 1000?

[23:04] Making 6 figure contracts on the side

[24:56] If you don’t like Freelance Domination you will get your money back

[27:37] Sending a more effective cold email and tools for following up

[33:20] Send Better Email will soon be a resource for all of us

[36:35] Contact information for Jason



Rich 20 Something

Freelance Domination

Send Better Email

Carter Digital Solutions

Mar 7, 2016

Smart entrepreneurs gather information from coaches early on in their careers. They embrace the idea of networking and gain allies for when their responsibilities outweigh their capacities. They hire a coach who has ‘been there and done that’ to assist them in tried and true processes and to hold them accountable for their goals. As entrepreneurs grow their companies, they find themselves lonely and often without peers to keep them grounded. A coach can be a mentor and partner that a CEO can confide in.


Key Takeaways:

[2:55] Being a CEO is a difficult job and it seems there is no way to do it well

[5:50] Should I add people to the organization or do it alone?

[14:33] Rapid Incremental Development

[16:11] The Zenefits CEO did his job but was let go anyway – Give your decisions context

[22:35] Employees internalize the behavior of the CEO in smaller companies

[29:56] Coaching young leaders to transition from individual contributor to manager

[36:37] As a company matures, there should be fewer crises

[38:02] The job of a CEO is very lonely, you no longer have peers in your organization

[43:00] Good coaching is fairly new. It really hasn’t been available for a long time

[45:22] Good coaches can understand you on a psychological level

[48:04] Contact information for Tony and other coaches at



Rich 20 Something

The Hard Thing About Hard Things




Feb 15, 2016

The internet is huge and doesn’t have a limited capacity. There is still time for you to make a successful online business but you must start today. Who cares how saturated your niche market is? If you write great content that helps people, add in your own personal style and quit collecting underpants, you will make something your mother will be proud of.

Steve Kamb, writer, nerd and fitness lover joins Daniel to talk about doing things today to make you feel alive, how mindset is the key to making your online business work, and if you really want to get disciplined – set up a charity contribution to the Westboro Baptist Church. Steve’s new book, Level Up Your Life, uses a video game’s rewards-based system and tactics to get you addicted to being the best you can be at whatever you choose to do.


Key Takeaways:

[3:53] How Steve Kamb went from zero to hero with Nerd Fitness?

[7:12] Tim Ferriss and Richard Branson wrote books that changed Steve’s life

[9:20] Relinquishing control of the small stuff makes your company anti-fragile

[22:38] The construction industry tore me down more than it built me up

[24:00] Mindset is the key to making your online business work

[31:42] Discussing The Progress Principle and Level Up Your Life

[39:29] Donating to the Westboro Baptist Church was all it took to keep me disciplined

[45:35] Are you stuck in phase 1, collecting underpants?

[48:50] Write great content that helps people to find success in your niche market

[51:00] Spend time on things that make you feel alive!

[51:50] Tupac produced a lifetime’s worth of work in 2 years

[54:00] Contact Steve Kamb and get his book



Nerd Fitness

Level Up Your Life

Camp Nerd Fitness

The 4-Hour Workweek

Losing my Virginity



Feb 1, 2016

In our world of abundance people need to step up and take action. The key is not to do something when you are feeling motivated but to do something when you are not motivated to do it. It is disrespectful to the people around you to not do absolutely everything you possibly can to contribute to society and be the best you can be. You will find accountability and support from people who believe in you. The information you spew will always be less important than the presentation you give. That is what will set your unique voice apart from everyone else.


Key Takeaways:

[7:47] Fulfillment is more important than efficiency

[10:35] Taking action and spending money is the key to making your own opportunities

[20:20] The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is today

[23:40] Growing up as a poor kid instilled a hunger in me

[26:58] Tupac produced more content in 2 years than most people do in a lifetime

[33:31] “This has to work. There is no plan B” – Busta Rhymes

[39:23] It takes courage to make a big transition

[42:37] Surround yourself with high-level people who believe in you

[46:15] Getting a participation trophy but still being expected to perform well

[47:14] Nurture plays a huge part in whether you manifest ambition

[54:51] He doesn’t believe he can slack off and have good things come to him

[55:09] It’s disrespectful to not do everything you can do

[1:01:22] Just because you are on your phone at dinner doesn’t mean you’re an asshole

[1:03:16] Most of the things that are worth doing are not fun to do

[1:06:52] How do you find a unique voice for your personal brand?

[1:09:16] Information is less important than presentation





Roman Fitness Systems

Engineering the Alpha


Deep Work

90 Day Year

Jan 4, 2016

It’s about getting out of bed every morning, ready to tackle your priorities to create balance in your life. It’s not easy and it’s hard work, but you need to make a decision about who you are going to be. Start wherever you are today. If you work for someone else, then be the best employee you can be and find a problem to solve. If you are an entrepreneur, then get your financial house in order and play the long game. You, and only you, can make the decision to build the best network, become a better person and become a financial master.                           

Key Takeaways:

[1:57] The beauty of Costa Rica

[4:30] Getting your financial house in order

[11:36] Find the line between being a miser and a martyr for true wealth creation

[14:54] Brad’s gift is playing the long game by earning more and building assets

[17:10] Tony Robbins is a national treasure

[21:24] Sign-up at Make More Marbles for all this free wealth material

[22:32] Becoming a problem solver

[29:05] Seasonal risk balance

[35:13] How I made 24K on Elance in a month

[37:10] Building your network is key

[39:31] The #1 thing you can do to obtain financial mastery

[44:40] Create food, energy, water and shelter for every human being on the planet

[46:11] Millionaires set their priorities every day

[52:08] Rich20Something sets out to make entrepreneurship accessible

[55:02] It’s not all about money – you can create balance in your life

[56:49] By creating, you are living your purpose

[1:00:30] Make reading non-negotiable



Make More Marbles

Puerta La Vida

Richest Man in Babylon

Tony Robbins