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Nov 30, 2015

If you truly want to change your world and attain your goals, you can start doing it today. Achieving self-awareness should be your first step. Start by asking yourself, “What are my strengths and what are my weaknesses?” This simple process will clear up any misconceptions you might have. And I know you may think it’s difficult, but try not drinking alcohol for 30 days. This will remove any cloudiness from your mind and allow your body to rehydrate itself.


Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Shameless plug for Swanwick Sleep

[2:18] James has a background in journalism and sports casting

[4:18] The U.S. government makes you renounce your native citizenship for dual citizenship

[6:44] The American government is a great marketing machine

[8:45] A breakup led James to live the American dream of living in a hostel 

[11:16] Sony pictures gave me an opportunity to interview Jack Nicholson

[14:44] Network with a lot of people or connect with one high-caliber person?

[16:19] Success drives you to higher goals

[17:54] Human beings need to be making progress

[22:37] Shouldn’t men be less pussified and take cold showers?

[24:43] Productivity tips for mornings

[27:59] Staying consistent for the health benefits

[29:20] Aren’t Australians supposed to drink a lot?

[34:43] Drinking alcohol doesn’t really give you confidence

[35:32] You will get better looking if you quit alcohol

[38:38] George Clooney is cool and drinks tequila, but isn’t he cool without the alcohol

[40:07] Relieving withdrawal with alcohol

[45:11] We are sheeple - we follow the herd

[47:09] Understanding yourself comes down to the questions you ask yourself

[49:43] Daniel brags about himself

[51:01] Becoming a master questioner

[54:29] Find someone to make you accountable



James Swanwick

Swanwick Sleep


James Swanwick Youtube channel

30 Day No Alcohol Challenge

Happiness Hypothesis

Sportscenter on ESPN

The Obstacle is the Way


Nov 23, 2015

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will train you to be more disciplined, make it easier for you to focus, and increase your creativity. Your subconscious mind translates everything it experiences and it becomes a part of you, whether you want it to or not. Mark Dhamma helps entrepreneurs change their diets and their mindsets through holistic practices and common sense food advice. Rich and Mark’s conversation flows like a river as they delve into topics such as identity and breeding and our over-consumption of media. 


Key Takeaways:

[00:13] What’s in a name?

[02:02] What do Fresh Prince and Usher have to do with a 14-year-old popularity?

[03:58] Selective breeding vs modern chemical exposure + lack of sleep

[13:51] After 10 pm, there’s actually not much going on

[14:33] Artificial lights shut down natural melatonin production

[22:22] Mixed Race is now the Master Race

[24:48] Training celebrities was okay, but I prefer working with entrepreneurs

[26:50] When your Grandfather tells your Mom that you are fat, it motivates you

[30:16] What makes exceptional leaders, from Gallop

[34:02] Sometimes people over research and under act, take a Myers-Briggs personality test

[37:41] Pushing yourself into discomfort to live on the edge

[40:41] The Millionaire Mindset

[42:15] Taking care of yourself makes it easier to focus

[42:56] Meditation can help your mind stay creative, could you last 10 days?

[51:10] Daniel’s journey with ayahuasca - glitches in the matrix

[55:40] Family and friends call me extreme

[56:38] Cold showers & Cryotherapy

[1:03:58] Personality tests and learning styles

[1:08:23] Rich has a jealousy problem, so follow him @becomeawarriornow

[1:09:30] People on the go can eat better by following VPFT & stay away from gluten

[1:14:28] Optimized self-awareness using the highest leverage

[1:17:19] Deliberate intellectualism - If you want to write, start with reading

[1:22:30] Being in a ‘flow state’

[1:24:28] We have been conditioned to like things like McDonald's and alcohol

[1:28:20] Dropping directly into your subconscious

[1:31:49] Contact information for Mark Dhamma






Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Rich20Something Agent Mehr Podcast


Become A Warrior Now



Nov 16, 2015

Bloggers who had major success 5 years ago are turning to Youtube to adapt to the wants of their communities. If you nurture your existing community by putting out high quality, human experience videos your audience will stick with you and share your content. Leverage that love to write a book or make a course which inspires them even more. Then share your success by giving a little bit, it always pays you back.


Key Takeaways:

[2:42] Creating better content is more important than constantly marketing

[4:14] Visual yourself in the place you want to be

[7:38] People want to be inspired and to feel hopeful

[9:10] Community, Quality and Consistency are the areas to focus on

[10:30] Nurturing your community

[12:52] Leverage your existing market and adapt accordingly

[14:14] Make the hard transition to Youtube, because it is the place to grow

[17:08] Storytelling will draw people to your Youtube channel

[19:08] Introducing courses as a revenue source

[21:00] Start out your morning with a 20-20-20

[25:17] A book is a sacred thing and a bookstore is a temple

[27:01] Thought experiences without action

[28:28] Getting good at relationships makes real world shit easier to handle

[38:23] Feminine men and manly women

[40:12] Everyone has something to offer so take the best from all of them

[41:52] The vision for Addicted 2 Success

[43:37] Giving, it pays you back

[48:31] Contact Joel



Addicted 2 Success


Foundr Magazine

Jordan Belfort

Crush it


Think Grow Prosper

The Bulletproof Conference



Nov 9, 2015

It’s easy to get depressed in college. Every day you wake up early thinking are these classes worth it? Do you really want to spend your life sitting around in an office anyway? Deciding to become an entrepreneur can be the best decision you make for your future. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to make it, though. Making your own paycheck requires the drive, determination, and a money mindset. Learning from a mentor is the best way to give you a leg up and procure lifelong networks. Be in it to win it!


Key Takeaways:

[1:54] Surround yourself with people who think outside the box

[3:37] John collects emails, sells coaching and sells supplements through affiliate marketing

[5:20] What exactly is affiliate marketing?

[9:41] Now we know what affiliate marketing is, how do we set up shop?

[13:05] John, behind the scenes

[15:15] The influence of The 4-Hour Workweek

[17:00] Daniel was working 9-5 and tired of scooping butter balls

[19:28] Holding yourself accountable as an entrepreneur

[22:24] Scheduling your priorities for the day - How do you do it?

[25:00] My 6 figure business basically runs itself, but I am there to answer questions

[25:34] Facebook advertising

[28:33] 80% of my day is running the business and 20% on creating systems

[30:59] Tips for building your business - remove repetitive tasks

[36:54] Reselling the Mystery Method to buy Keystone Light

[42:46] I had conviction, but knew nothing about marketing

[47:55] You have to believe you deserve it

[51:00] John’s thought waaay too deep about living a tool’s life 

[53:59] The money mindset

[56:33] Visualization + Work = The Good Life

[59:27] To start your own business you have to be a little crazy

[1:01:15] Sitting down with a college student to give him business advice



The 4-Hour Workweek - Tim Ferriss


Sweet Process

Tai Lopez

The Millionaire Fastlane

The Rich 20 Something Podcast


Nov 3, 2015

Agent Steven is a multi-millionaire now, but it’s because he put in the hours.

He figured out early on how to make a buck selling consumer electronics and lived below his means so he had the capital for his next investment. He starts each day like he is still broke and doesn’t get out of bed until he plans his effectiveness strategy for the day. He acts with intention and purpose every day.


Listen in to the interview so you too can feel his passion, hear what it takes to succeed and learn from his extensive experience.


Key Takeaways:

[1:53] Feeding off of young talent, they know where the next big thing is

[3:51] A staff of 50 and we handle marketing budgets for clients from medium to large biz

[5:15] Steven has always been an entrepreneur, starting from age 11

[7:14] His parents didn’t understand his unwillingness to go to USC

[10:16] When he graduated law school he sold his consumer electronics business

[12:20] Everyone needs to go through a period of struggle

[12:32] Focus on business and believe in yourself

[16:10] Steven will live his life on his own terms

[18:43] Steven’s typical day - The gamification of business

[23:13] After your core to do’s are finished, all that’s left is the bullshit

[25:27] You have to make your own opportunities and say yes to everything at the beginning

[28:50] Instagram has become more for the followers than a personal expression

[31:37] Keeping great documentation on your businesses makes them easier to sell

[34:33] Remove yourself from day to day operations to scale and grow your business

[36:08] The most difficult thing in life is to give up control

[38:11] Always put the business first, not the CEO

[41:10] What is Daniel’s end goal?

[42:42] The 20 something mentality - You are still grinding, hustling and putting in the hours

[46:07] Keeping good relationships has to be a conscious effort - You can not be reactive

[52:06] The pear tree, a 7-year fruit analogy for business




Jacoby & Meyers



Nov 3, 2015

You will not believe what I have for you this week. Nav BK, a Youtube veteran, guru and creator of the Absolute Motivation channel chats me up about making the most of my personal brand and platform, no matter which one it is. 


We discuss the quality of content, the quantity of videos, how to monetize and sending the right message on your perfect Youtube channel. We also touch on using your social intuition as a marketing tool, moving on up to using a production company and how to diffuse negative comments from big, nasty trolls.


So sit back and enjoy the edutainment.


Key Takeaways:

[1:28] Consulting to organically grow your youtube channel or other platform

[3:23] Absolute Motivation channel offers educational tools with visuals for the dopamine rush

[5:13] It’s more than one anchor video and takes more time than you think to get followers

[7:20] Your Youtube channel is leverage and passive income - At Christmas the revenue triples

[12:10] Cranking out the videos consistently is a good strategy - post once a day to capitalize

[20:28] CEO’s don’t send out emails at 1am, their assistants do

[22:23] Really good production services are not cheap but worth every penny

[25:13] Social intuition is knowing what your audience wants

[28:29] Building a youtube audience by being authentic to who you are, it’s more powerful than tv

[30:45] Periscope has live viewers for direct conversations with followers

[34:13] “I’m sorry, I can’t reply to everyone” and a personal background story goes a long way

[36:37] Kill them with kindness diffuses negative comments

[42:32] Anti-depression medication gives you the suicide solution you didn’t have before

[48:40] Newsfeeds and new shows are ridiculous and grotesque but it makes you click and watch

[52:01] Creating deeper more philosophical content with a personal touch

[54:22] As a content creator each view is a human being, even 100 views can make a difference

[59:36] Documentaries are the future for

[1:03:47] Copyright laws in the UK and in the U.S., so different

[1:11:18] If you’re new start with branding, make yourself unique and schedule your content 



Absolute Motivation

Driven Video


Majestic Casual

The Happiness Stories


This is Water - David Foster Wallace

School of Life


Oct 17, 2015

Most people recognize the path to business growth is scary. The piece many people miss is the particularly boring, long road to success you’ve been on for years. You use everything you have to make it happen before finally realizing your dream. By seeding yourself along the way and using your skills as a freelancer or entrepreneur, you can cut out the middleman and save your client some cash while building relationships. Those relationships, both business and personal, are more important than any other aspect of what you do. They can make or break you.


Key Takeaways:

[1:10] Rock Star dreams led me to LA

[3:25] The risk of building my first studio

[7:05] Risk tolerance for a wa-ntrepreneur

[10:18] Recognizing a catalyst for business change

[11:25] The process of finding my new space

[13:32] Livin’ the edge of the hustle for financing

[16:17] Investing and growing the business

[19:09] The importance of relationships in business

[21:26] As a producer you shouldn’t have an ego

[24:03] Using everything you have to make it happen

[27:03] A skill based job which removes the middle man

[30:15] Boredom is part of the job

[33:24] Birth of the business

[35:12] The bamboo career example

[38:36] An entrepreneur needs structure too

[41:45] Taking time for your relationship

[44:22] Technology overload

[48:50] Passion mitigates the risk when you do what you love



Foreword Productions